Light. Relax. Enjoy.
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About the Candle Maker


Please allow me, Leigh Whicker, to tell you a lil’ about myself and “Light Your Whick” luxury soy candles. 

I was born in Tampa, FL and raised as a southern girl in two of my favorite Carolina cities… Charleston and Charlotte. 

Most of my adult life was spent working countless hours in Corporate America; (with all of its “perks”.) A journey that took me to the cities of Orlando, Nashville and Los Angeles. Through each move, I always referred to Charlotte as home. In 2010, a corporate opportunity and my heart led me back to family and friends in The Queen City, Charlotte, NC. 

As long as I can remember, I have had an on going love affair with scented candles. In November 2013, I started making my own candles “just for fun.” On a busy weekend of experimenting, my dad dropped by for a visit. As he walked in, in his good ol’ southern accent, “Baby…your kitchen looks like a mad scientists’ MESS!” I had soy flakes and essential oils EVERYWHERE! We had a good laugh, and it was at that moment that I realized candle making was my ultimate passion. 

My names and descriptions are inspired by the extraordinary people in my life, places I’ve lived, things I love and wonderful memories. 

With overflowing support from amazing family, friends, colleagues and loyal clients, I have pursued my ultimate dream of “Light Your Whick” as my full-time career.


Light. Relax. Enjoy. 
Leigh Whicker